Dress: Target / Jacket: Forever 21 /Booties: Topshop / Bag: Chloe

Last blog post, I shared something personal. Something I never thought I would share publicly. I was so amazed and grateful for all the comments, texts, calls and private messages I received. It's amazing how people can unite and provide words of encouragement, share their stories and experiences. Thank you, it really meant so much to me and I am so grateful for the connections I've made through blogging and connections I continue to make. I'm an open book, so feel free to message me or email with anything,

We have an appointment next month at a fertility clinic. Get a rundown of the process and then I assume would be some tests. I've always said I don't want to do any fertility treatments such as hormones injections, so I'm curious to see what will come from this and look at alternate options. At the moment though, I've purchased a huge box of ovulation test strips. Not sure I'm doing it right but so far 2 days of negative ovulation results. So now I'm looking at this like "holy shit, I don't ovulate when I think I do". So the experiment continues. Love to hear feedback on this. Have you used them before, do you find they help?