I'm not one to share my whole world with everyone. In fact, I'm a pretty private person and as much as I love to share with my readers what I'm wearing, loving or lusting, behind the scenes I'm just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. My ordinary consists of poopy diapers, working full-time and trying to build a cute little shop you ladies want to shop at without having to spend so much money.
My world is about my son, and before having him in my life I can't really put my finger on what I was doing. Strange, but so true. Your life before your child seems so accent. He's my world, the one I want to be a better person for, the only one that can make me smile on the shittiest of days. So when I go and get pictures done to capture moments of my little life with him,I want them to be natural and real. Getting pictures of an almost 2 year old seems to be getting harder and harder so we have to get crafty with songs and tickles, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
I read a post from Convey the Moment that reminded me that it's OK that I'm not perfect. It's OK if I don't have tons and tons of followers or fancy shoes and twirly skirts all the time. I want to share with you who I am and how I'm inspired by fashion. The fact that you come back every week is all I need and I'm thankful for that everyday.
So here's 20 things you may not know about me. 
  1. Few things in the world are any where near as important as my family
  2. I'm a coffee addict. I eat, breathe, sleep coffee. Possibly thinking of an IV drip.
  3. I'm deathly afraid of needles, so in retrospect, an IV drip is never going to happen. I still managed to give birth to my son so I'm a lot stronger than I think.
  4. I love shoes, mainly heels because I'm not the tallest person at 5'3.
  5. I love animals. I have 3 cats that all have been saved from the outdoors and I recommend saving an animal and giving it a good home. They are so grateful and will love you unconditionally.
  6. I'm known as the "Crazy Cat Lady", hence above.
  7. I'm super shy – that is until I get to know you and then I probably won't shut up.
  8. I've never seen a scary movie. Ever! My husband tried making me watch Gremlins and after 5 mins he had to turn it off. True story. 
  9. I'm super sensitive and cry for just about anything.
  10. I hate taking pics, I always feel awkward posing in front of the camera.
  11. I love red lipstick. You will rarely see me without it.
  12. I am the most disorganized person. 
  13. I hate doing laundry. HATE IT!
  14. I have super curly hair. I straighten it regularly. What's the saying, "you always want what you don't have".
  15. I'm a big girly girl but love hockey, oh and football!
  16. I like to try and steal some quiet moments for a nice warm bath.
  17. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.
  18. I'm not afraid to take a chance and try something new or different
  19. If there is one place in the world I would love to live it is NYC.
  20. My husband thinks I have great boobs, he calls me Nips. Yup I went there!
Anything else you want to know? Ask away!