Skirt: Topshop / Denim Jacket: H&M / Booties: Zara / Bag: Céline

It's so funny sometimes how you come across the perfect location to shoot. My photographer and I are always walking around checking for the spot that mainly speaks to me. If I'm not feeling the spot, I won't shoot there. We found this train track in an upcoming urban area of Montréal. We ran and shot it really quickly out of fear that a train would come. It was so windy my hair was doing its own thing. I gave up trying to place my hair perfectly and just decided to go with it.

Now, if I have to talk about this outfit, mainly the skirt, I have to say it's on heavy rotation. Regardless of the occasion - F1 party, events, work, you name it - I've probably worn it. It's totally feminine, a go-to for spring/summer styling. In a mini cut, it comes with tie and ruffle detail. I'm absolutely obsessed!