Top: c/o Sheinside / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Hunter / Bag: Alexander Wang 

One of the things I love about fall are the vibrant colors. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but it's so true. Overall, I'm not a fan of Halloween (Insert shocked face emoji here). I've never liked it. I think it stems from not liking (more like being deathly afraid) of scary movies or anything violent. I'm 36 and I've never seen a scary movie (Gremlins is as far as it went, and that only lasted 10 minutes), so I pretty much associate Halloween to anything scary. Not my cup of tea.

Having a child now, I have to suck it up and celebrate with my son. He's super excited this year since it's going to be his first time actually trick-or-treating. He's 2, so I'm not sure how long we will be going door to door, but I'm excited for him in so many ways!

He's loving the pumpkins, and we've already picked up 6. Every time he sees one, he wants to buy it. I'm in for some trouble if this continues. :)

Costume is ready and I'll be the excited mommy in the back! To infinity and beyond (can you guess what he will be?)!

Oh and here's my outfit this week. Comfy and not complicated. The end.