When it comes to loungewear, you'll always find me at home in cute leggings and an even cutter top! Typically image number 4 is exactly how you'll find me, except, replace the pizza with lots of chocolate or cookies with either milk or coffee in my hand. My husband in I love to eat in bed so the last image really depicts me so well. 

Don't get me wrong, all the other loungewear styles are amazing as well, I've been through all the stages of cute loungewear when the beau is over, or loungewear when the girlfriend sleeps over, or even the I'm going to lounge at home all day in bed wear. We have these phases we all go through and I like to always do it while feeling good about what I wear. 

I have always said that I feel most confident when I feel great with what I have on. 

What's your loungewear style? I would love to know.