nursery room reveal

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nursery room decorAs with any newborn, bedtime has been so inconsistent lately. Emily and I are still trying to figure each other out and settle into a routine together. Emily had been colicky for a few days (mainly due to me eating cabbage and onions) and nothing I tried was calming her down. I was on the verge of a breakdown (a.k.a. mom guilt) for having contributed to her crankiness. It's true what they say, your 2nd child is not at all like the first and boy am I learning that. Matthew never wanted a pacifier, he always managed to soothe himself. With Emily, I've learned that she likes to soothe herself with her thumb, and I didn't want that bad habit to start. I tried a few different options and found that the MAM Start Newborn pacifier was the one that soothed her the best and consistently. If you are a breastfeeding mom like me and looking for the best pacifier for breastfed babies, I highly recommend the MAM Start Newborn pacifier. It's odor and taste-free, easy to sterilize, and doesn't cause nipple confusion. For moms using a bottle, I would recommend the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle. Ideal for babies who want to drink at their own pace, it is so relaxed. Honestly, the pacifier saved me so that I can get a good night sleep, all while still having a happy baby. Since Emily is my last child, I'm learning that I need to let her be little, explore and let her share her experiences with me. There's nothing better than a morning where she's happy, full of baby snuggles and cuddles because they do grow up way too fast.

It has been months since Emily's room has been ready. I've been excited to show it to you, but knew the biggest piece of the puzzle was missing – Emily! Now that Emily is 5 weeks old and we are settling into a routine, I found some time to shoot her room and show it to you.
I wanted her room to be a place to relax. Between feeding, changing her diaper and some night time cuddling, my goal was for the space to be light, airy and open. So I started my room design with a focal point. I decided I wanted that to be the Floral mural centered over the crib. The crib is special for me because not only was it the crib that Matthew used when he was a baby, it was also the last gift my Nonna Rita gave me before she passed away almost 5 years ago. Emily carries my grandmother's name as her middle name, and I felt it was important to hold on to it just a little bit longer.
There are so many options out there and I"m one to easily get overwhelmed. I knew the layout I wanted and deciding on light fixtures, furniture and decor could pose a big challenge for me. I just knew it had to be clutter free so I kept my accessorizing to a minimum and let the subtle details speak for themselves. Everything is compartmentalized and in order, so things are easy to find and reach.
The big pieces help tie the room together but my favorite part is the images hanging over her dresser of our maternity shoot. It embodies the love we had for her while waiting for her arrival and they came out so perfect. I had the images printed on quality photo paper to help preserve that memory for years to come. 

Crib: Babyletto / Dresser: Pali Design / Crib Sheet: Oilo / Bunny doll: Homesense / Wall decal: Urban Walls or here /  Frames: Michaels / X O prints: Etsy / Love print: Chapters / Moccasins: Freshly Picked / Swaddle blankets: Aden & Anais / Basket rack: Homesense / Chair: Homesense / Chandelier: Homesense / Lace Romper: Handmade by Lulu 
Now, on to find a rug! 

Thanks to MAM for sponsoring this post. All opinions and baby cuddles are all mine.