The last time I wrote an open letter to Matthew was 3 years ago on his 1st birthday. (You can find it here if you've never read it)

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have you in my life? If it weren't for you, being a mom would still have been a question. Because of you, I'm a better person. I've found the best version of me and I've never looked back. I am proud of you every day. The little person you are and the big person you will become.

I always think about what your future holds. What you will do, who you will become. The world is crazy and as your mom and #1 protector, I find myself scared of what can happen and how I can be your super hero. I've learned that while I can't control what the world has in-store for you, I can embrace what we have now and enjoy every precious moment with you.

On your 4th birthday (how is that even possible?), I wanted to focus on all the many things that make you so special and the many reasons why I love you so much. So after much thought, I realized there are just way too many to post here, but I can share 10 of my current favorite moments. Are you ready, because my eyes are about to explode with tears (which is really no surprise for those who know me so well).

  1. I love our morning snuggles. Each morning, you wake up and crawl in bed with me. Your head nestled on my shoulder that I immediately have to wrap my arms around you.
  2. I love how much you tell me you love me and how I can never be the one who loves you most. But oh, how I love you most. You're 4, so you can't read this yet, so there, I win! :)
  3. I love how you love picking dandelions for me. Each one carefully picked. I'll forever be your first love.
  4. I love your silly side. You're always smiling and laughing and you can instantly light up a room. Not to mention, you're amazing at Knock Knock jokes.
  5. I love your imagination. Your creativeness always impresses me and I know I'm safe while you're fighting crime with Batman and the other super heros. Our home has never been more safe.
  6. I love how you love music. It always impresses me how you quickly pick up on the words and and sing along without hestitation. You're currenly stuck on "Hooked on a feeling" and I love how you sing it from the top of your lungs.
  7. I love how you dance. You've clearly got your moves from me (and I'm no dancer), but I love that you have fun with it. I love that you still want to dance in my arms.
  8. I love how much you ask questions. Ok well maybe not when it's bed time, but your curiosity about everything amazes me. Keeping asking your questions my sweet boy. Knowledge is power.
  9. I love how sweet you are. Your hugs can soothe any ones sorrows. Keep that calming presence and let it guide you when you're sad.
  10. I love being your mom. From taking you to karate, giving you a bath, reading you stories, being silly with you. Every part of me loves it and I would not trade it for anything in the world.

You're the best part of me, Matthew.