mommy and me date tips
mommy and me date ideas

One of the things I love doing is Mommy and Me time. Time with my son seems to be going by so fast and it's the time I spend with him – learning, growing and sharing our special moments that I cherish so much. It’s not important what you do – just taking that time to do it and making memories!

It's not always easy finding those date ideas with your child so I've listed a few fresh ideas for you.

- Ice cream or coffee date: It's fun to sit down at our favorite coffee and ice cream place, grab  a seat and chit chat. I mainly have to tell him stories but I love his imagination. Time will surely go by when you get carried away.
- Breakfast/Brunch date: Our favorite meal of the day. Our weekend tradition consists of Matthew's favorite smoothie, a bowl of fruit and a side of bacon. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make your time with your child just as important!
- Movie date: Whether it's at the movies or at home, nothing is better than sharing a bowl of popcorn or M&M in our case while giggling at the funny scenes of a movie. After, we discuss who are favorite characters were and why. 
- Painting: Swipe those clean clothes and get ready to get dirty! Painting can be so much fun if there are no rules. We tape craft paper on the floors and table (sometimes we even do this in our drive way). Then, we let out hand and toes to all the colorful talking. There's lots of laughter to be had! Thankfully the paint washes of well.
- Baking: If you're a baker, then you're my total opposite and I'm a little jelly (great cooker, horrible baker). I'll go out and buy the pre-made stuff and do some additional decorating. In the end, they'll still enjoy whatever mommy makes.
- Picnic at the park: Super simple for this one. Grab the largest blanket you have head towards a field near a park and enjoy running around, lying down (if they'll sit down for a minute), the food but most importantly the company. 

Let’s admit it, there’s no love quite like that between a mama and child. My one-on-one time with mini mister quality are extra special. So remember the simplest ones are the best. 

Your turn, what are some mommy and me dates you love doing with your little one?