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Minted foiled pressed cards

So just about 3 weeks ago I posted about holiday cards and how I couldn't wait to get mine. Well, they are in and already mailed. 

Since having Matthew, I love sending out holiday cards more so now than before, and this year was no different. While I didn't have time to shoot a family photo for the holidays, I did however have tons from the year that I absolutely love, and there is nothing wrong with taking photos that were taken earlier in the year. I wanted to keep it fun in the front and love in the back. With Matthew's playful side, I knew this was the perfect picture to share. In the back is really all about the love Kevin and I share in our relationship. 

Minted made it so easy with all the great designs they have to choose from. I went with a foil pressed design because, let's face it, you can never have too much gold! The were offering complimentary recipient addressing, and this works out well for me because all I (well Kevin actually) had to do was drop them off at the post office. 

What I love most about my holiday cards each year, is that I keep one for myself. I think it's a nice keepsake to have when cards are this beautifully printed.