Normally my Monday posts are outfit posts. My hair and makeup look perfect and I have my usual side, back and front poses. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy showcasing outfits that you love to see and comment back with sweet, sweet messages. However, it seemed wrong in light of everything that is happening in our crazy world to post something that appears to be perfect. 

I wanted to share something more real, more personal and more raw. So behold a shoot I did with my son a few weeks back. I had seen a photographer (Reina Procee Photography) post on Facebook that she was holding Awareness sessions. These sessions were to help her raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. If you know me at all, you know or will come to know that I always donate to Breast Cancer causes, whether it be for awareness, help purchase machines or help find a cure. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and before my grandmother passed away, we found out that she too had breast cancer. It's one of the causes I have been devoted to long before it affected my family. Ok, enough sappiness, I know. 

Back to this shoot. I can not even begin to tell you the eye the photographer, Reina, has to capture those raw moments. I knew I wanted a shoot with my son. I knew I wanted something natural where I wasn't wearing my red lipstick. I wanted something raw. I wanted to capture a moment between a mother and her son so that when Matthew looks back one day, he'll love the real moments of motherhood, the moments of playtime and moments where a picture says so much more than words. 

After our shoot, Reina wanted to take some pictures of me. Believe it or not, but I am extremely shy and more so in front of a camera (strange, I know). But I have to admit, I'm so glad she did. She is able, through a lens, to photograph the breathtaking beauty that she sees within a woman, make her fall in love with herself and leave her breathless.
So this is me, raw and real. Perfectly imperfect, and I'm ok with that.
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