I hate to say the "W" word but I have to be realistic and start thinking about the dreaded winter. Yeah, I know, you're thinking "how is she even thinking about winter already?!" With October almost over, the possibility of getting snow in November here is always a real possibility. 
Now that I have my son Matthew, he's extremely interested in playing in the snow. Me, not so much. It's not about me anymore, so staying warm is essential and shivering through the winter is definitely something I would rather avoid. Whenever I am looking to update my winter jacket, I want to make sure I am purchasing the perfect jacket that will last a couple of seasons.
I started looking at winter jackets from Fjallraven Canada and I'm trying to decide what type of jacket I may need. Both down and synthetic padding have excellent warming properties, and I want something that will last a few years of good use keeping up with a toddler.
So a few things to consider if you're looking for a winter jacket as well:
  • - Down insulation gives the most warmth in extremely cold conditions. However, it needs to be stored and cared for carefully.
  • - Synthetic jackets can be washed easily and are not as expensive. 
  • - Consider the type of winter weather you usually get. Winter can be more like a rainy season with a sharp, cold wind, or snowstorms, sheets of ice, and sub-zero temperatures.
  • - If you'll be rolling in the snow like I will, a waterproof jacket is key!

Here are a few winter items I'm currently looking at.