Photography credits: Katrina Tang
Oeuf, the children’s collection based in Brooklyn, is happy to introduce you to its Fall/Winter collection, Foodiclious. They set the table with a fresh, wholesome collection that invites kids to play with their food!
Seriously, how cute are this kids?! Inspired by the Park Slope Co-Op in Brooklyn, Oeuf is setting the table with a fresh, wholesome assortment of quirky knit and cotton food-inspired clothing and accessories for boys, girls and babies. Pieces include egg, carrot, eggplant, and radish details. Veggie bright shades of apple reds, pickle greens, and mustard yellows give styles a fresh spin with a retro feel.
Kids can cozy up with stirrup leggies and golden tip neckies and get playful with an asparagus, leek, or ferret scarf. Whimsical veggie hats and mittens top off the look, and their ever-popular apple pillows and hand-knit plush toys add a fanciful touch to children’s rooms. Products are hand knitted in 100% baby alpaca and wovens made from 100% pima cotton. 
The collection will be available next month on the e-shop and specialty retailers and I can't wait o pick up some items.