Ever have that moment where you wish you didn't throw away a piece of clothing? Well. I've had that moment ladies! A few weeks back I threw away 3 different camis because I hadn't worn them in awhile and thought, I wouldn't be wearing again. In the trash they went. Well in the midst of getting ready, I needed a camis, my camis, the one I threw out. I'm literally talking to myself in my closet saying "Why would you throw away 3 camis?!" Needless to say I'm shopping for camis now. 
Camis are an indispensable item every women probably has or should have in the wardrobe as I decided to provide you 5 easy ways to style the perfect camis
  1. A lace cami paired with some high-waisted jeans, topped with a moto jacket. Sometimes, lace can give the impression that you are wearing lingerie, this will add some edge to your look.
  2. Wear your camisole with a pencil skirt for just the right amount of sophistication.
  3. I love a good v-neck t-shirt, but a v-neck cami with a pair of boyfriend or skinny jeans can also add the perfect touch to any casual look. 
  4. It's no secret that I love prints, so a printed cami is a must. Where it with an a line skirt or full skirt for a little touch of flirtiness!
  5. Lastly, camis can be worn in the corporate world. Cover it up with a blazer, and you are good to go!
Hope these tips helped and that you will try adding a cami to your wardrobe.