flare denim

 cute flared denim

stripe tee

flare denim and coach stewardess bag

flare denim
                         Top: c/o J.McLaughlin / Jeans: H&M / Bag: Coach / Shoes: 424 Fifth / Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

I've been so afraid to wear a pair of flared denim. Mainly because I'm short and thought it would not be flattering and I seriously rely on those skinny jeans too much. While out shopping a few weeks ago, I decided to grab a pair and walk towards the changing room. I tried them on and thought "Well this isn't so bad!" They have a laid back feel and it probably helped that I was already wearing heels. They are forgiving (right where I need it to be) and flattering, accentuating the curves I actually wanted to accentuate The hem skimmed the ground perfectly, so if you're shopping for a pair consider the shoe you want to wear with them. Just make sure they are a heel. Doesn't matter how high or low the heel is, flared denim is made to be worn with heels so there is room for some flow.
Since Montreal was a little colder earlier this month when I shot this look, I paired it with a super light, three quarter sleeve tee. Perfect for the cooler days without having to sport a coat. 
This will be worn a few times this summer since weather here is so unpredictable and colder days will surely happen.
Hope you have a great week!