Skirt: Express / Top: ASOS / Shoes: Zara / Bracelets: J.Crew here and here / Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington / Necklace: J.Crew

It's my birthday! What better way to celebrate than in a pretty pink skirt with some yummy cake. This year, I'll be celebrating it with my whole family. One voice I'll miss hearing is my grandmother calling to sing me happy birthday in Italian and happy to be part of it. I know she's singing for me with a big smile.
My son sang me happy birthday this year since he is now starting to understand the song. He sang "to you Mommy" and that in itself is the best birthday a mother can ask for. I'm happy to have my son and hubby with me. Like every year, I look back, another year older, another year wiser and I can honestly say it was a year of learning. Being a first-time mom, you learn so much about yourself, about those in your life and those who you thought were important but begin to realize aren't. I'm lucky because I have people around me who support me, encourage me and want only the best for me. I continue to remind myself that I am not alone in my faults; to be human is to be weak, allowing myself to love others for who they truly are.
I'm lucky to have a great supportive community in the blogging world who come by to read or look at my pictures and leave sweet comments. It makes me happy to read sweet comments. So thank you. I share my cake with you! :)

Photos by Tanya from Love You Forever Photography