If you read my letter to my son on his first birthday, you know that the idea of motherhood was foreign to me before I became pregnant, it wasn't in my immediate plans. I was planning a wedding - my wedding. I was searching within myself and how I wanted to do more. There were already so many things that I was preparing for, and motherhood just wasn't one of them. As my son grew inside me, so did my love for this tiny being inside. He knew when I was sad, mad, happy, nervous. He could hear my heart beat, a sense of comfort for him and a sense of unconditional love from me. 

Fast forward to today, and Matthew is 18 months old and I look at him and the boy he is becoming and I am amazed at how quickly time is flying. He's talking so much now, somethings I understand and others I pretend to. He's funny, sensitive and so affectionate. He has this beautiful innocent take on the world that makes me look at things differently. He's made me more compassionate, grateful and forgiving. 

I'm always looking for ways to capture moments of my little family, and this was one shoot that did just that. Perfect fall weather with my little family. And who cares if I'm overdressed for the apple orchard, it's picture perfect and fits my personality. My photographer, and now friend Tanya, takes all my blog pictures, and I'm happy to say she also takes my family photos. She knows me, gets me and takes all my ideas and uses them and creates photos that are real and full of love. Ok, she might also think I'm a little nuts, though she may never admit it. :)

I'll let some of pics do the talking of how fortunate I am for my little family. They are my everything and the reason I keep trying to be and do better.

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Photos by Tanya from Love You Forever Photography