How cute are these ultra-warm and cozy Half Grain Mukluk featured from Manitobah Mukluks?!

These Kanada Moccasins from Manitobah Mukluks featured are super cute, super comfy, and super stylish! I need these!

I always try to work hard. Nothing comes without hard work and perseverance. Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking - how do I want to bring my accessory store to the next level? I'm still working on that, but you had better believe that when that right moment comes along, I'm going to pounce all over it! 

That's what I like about Titika Active Wear. The brand name is inspired by a moment the founder and designer had with her son when he was very young. With incredible exhilaration and joy, her son was jumping around and singing the word Titika again and again. When she asked him what this word meant, he told her that it meant happiness. She was instantly inspired by his exuberance, as well as the word that had brought this on. How sweet is that?!
Created out of a dream to provide a positive environment that empowers active women through encouragement, growth and confidence. This vision was inspired by the modern, busy women who need their clothing to do it all. The result was high-quality active wear with all of the functions needed, but with enough versatility to take women from the yoga studio, to work, to dinner with friends.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Titika gives you a helping hand with curated collections for every Titika woman on your list. From the fit chick to the hibernator to the trendsetter, Titika has the style-obssesed dressed!

You have to check them out, I'm convinced you will add a few items to your Christmas wishlist!