I actually don’t know the last time I did a "Life Lately" So I figured while my two kiddos are in bed and I'm relaxing catching up on some shows, I'd do a very casual post about our lives these days. 
Matthew finished daycare and is spending the whole month of August with me at home. He starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. While I'm still completely shocked at how quickly 5 years have gone, I'm emotional about him starting school. I know he's ready but this mama isn't! So before life takes us to bus rides and preparing lunches, I wanted him to stay with me and Emily and do fun things together because the minute I blink my eyes, he won't want to hang with me anymore. Emily is now 4 months old and constantly smiling, She brings so much joy to our lives and I can't help but smile when I see how she looks at her big brother. I swear it would melt your hearts as well. I'll have to do a shoot with them both just to capture some beautiful memories since these photos were just Emily and myself. I think knowing this is my last child and having the time off work to be with my children, I’m trying to stay in the moment and enjoy where we are right now. Being totally present each day is important to me and I have to work hard at it. It's been refreshing. I've stopped obsessing about the numbers and how many followers I have. I feel good knowing it absolutely has no impact on me or how I continue to post or view my social pages. 

So here's to life lately! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you're up to lately. 

Lately, I am…. 

Eating for breakfast: Drinking coffee and lots of it. Who am I kidding, that isn't anything new but I'm enjoying my quiet time with a cup of coffee more than ever.
Watching: Everything on Netflix. I'm seriously running out of things to watch! 
Wearing on repeat: My AGOLDE jeans with my black t-shirt from Zara. 
Inspired by: Photography. Been contemplating taking a class this fall. I feel like someone needs to give me a good kick in the butt.
Doing before bed: Loving my bath time while secretly looking for a new camera.
Listening to: John Mayer. I've always been a fan but I simply enjoy dancing around with Emily to his music.
Wishing I was better at: Going to bed early so that I feel well rested when Matthew comes jumping on my bed to say good morning.